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Video Transcript:

Sheila Smith
OCALI, assistant director

At the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) we do a variety of things.  One of our main projects is the Autism Internet Modules or AIM as we call them, and it is 24/7 online learning experience that’s flexible and designed for professionals, university students and families.

We’re really proud of AIM, currently we have over 89,0000 users in 133 countries. Locally, Olentangy and Dublin City lead our users with 300 and around 200 respectfully.

Chris Ondrus
Olentangy Schools, director of pupil services

When we originally offered the autism internet modules for professional development for our staff, we were focused on Intervention Specialist and other teachers who work specifically with students with disabilities. We’ve had almost 350 teachers participate and what we realized is nearly 80% of our students with disabilities in the district, are in regular education classes for most of their day and so it is not just about special educators, it’s about all of our staff educating all of our students.

Michael Picetti
Olentangy Schools, intervention specialist

I was looking for ideas on how to work with many of the students that I have that were identified as students with autism. I have, over the years worked with several different types of these students and noticing that not everything works with one particular kid. So this module is something that I wanted to be able to use to help me understand how to help these kids more.

I think the greatest thing about education is that fact that not everyone knows everything. Joe Smith in Florida might have a great idea on how to work with one of the kids that I have and being able to learn that and adapt that in the everyday education society makes me a better teacher and makes anyone who takes this class have a greater knowledge on how to expand on what we already do.

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